Add Pizazz to Your Yard With a Pondless Water Feature

January 15, 2022 by No Comments

There’s nothing lovelier than the sights and sounds of having a water feature in your yard. For some people this means constructing a pond or a stream. For others, however, these dab rigs are not viable options. They may have children and worry about the safety of having a water garden, or they may not have space to put it in. Still others just don’t have the time to give the pond the care it needs to keep it from getting stagnant and smelly. Many of these people would still like to have the ambiance of a water element in their yards, so they opt for pondless water features.

Maybe you don’t know what a pondless water feature is, because the term itself doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. These are things like fountains and bubblers. You can even build a pondless waterfall that will cascade down several levels making that unparalleled splashing water sound, but when the water reaches the bottom, it disappears into a bed of gravel without making a pond.

These types of features are much easier to maintain than pond ecosystems are. For a pond environment you need five essential elements: rocks and gravel, a biological filter, a skimmer, aquatic plants, and fish. If something in the system gets out of whack, your pond life can die, the water become murky and scummy, and the whole area can start to smell. Not so with pondless water features. Many of them need no maintenance at all. This is an especially good thing for people who travel a lot, because they don’t have to worry about keeping up their water feature while they’re away.

You can give any yard a lot of pizazz by installing some type of pondless water feature. Birds are naturally attracted to water, and, for some reason, people seem to gravitate towards the sound of flowing water,too. There are even smaller fountains that you can sit on a deck or a patio to provide a similar ambiance. Disappearing waterfalls, bubblers, and various types of water features are either available to be put into operation immediately, or you can buy kits and construct something more elaborate yourself. Whatever method you choose, you’re sure to be delighted with the extra charm it adds to your landscape.

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