How to Retake the CPC Exam If You Fail the First Time

January 2, 2022 by No Comments

A grueling examination for would-be medical coders, taking nearly 6 hours long, the CPC or Certified Professional Coder certification exam by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) is brutal and does not boast of a very high passing rate for first time test-takers. If you have failed the CPC exam, trust me, you are not alone. Even though the CPC exam is an open book exam, there are a great many factors to take into consideration.

You can retake the CPC exam within 12 months of your failed test without having the pay the hundreds of dollars that the first test cost. That alone should be a relief to you, so now not only do you have the opportunity to sit for the exam again but can do so at no further cost to you jamb runz . The thing to remember is that you have to take the test within 12 months of the initial exam or you will be charged a fee. Don’t delay too long in retaking the test because all the study you did will still be fresh in your mind. If you have to wait longer before retaking the CPC exam, then you’ll have to maintain your study efforts at a high level to ensure you don’t forget and lose the information you’ve worked hard for.

When you receive your scores, you will be notified which sections were problematic for you, so you can focus your studies and improve on your weaknesses. Being able to fine tune your studies to pass the CPC exam is a great benefit to you. Not only will you see which areas you succeed in, but being able to target your low scores makes it much easier to focus all your energy and effort for the next round. Talk to other students as well as your mentor or coach so you can target the weak areas specifically.

Take more timed practice exams to get back into the rhythm and refine your study and question-answering strategies. When testing day rolls around again, you’ll be more at ease and be better prepared for the CPC exam. Don’t let your nerves get the better of you. Go in with a positive and confident mindset that you’ll do well this time around.

Masters in Business Administration (MBA) has attracted people from various academic fields be it science, humanities or commerce. Due to its growing success as a career option, every year the strength of candidates appearing for MBA exams increases. There are many exams conducted to gain entry into MBA colleges like MAT, CMAT, CAT etc. Each exam gains you entry into a specific set of MBA colleges. Likewise, CAT which is a common aptitude test, is a computer based exam which is conducted on a national level. It gains you entry into the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) etc. With every passing year, the number of candidates applying for CAT is increasing, which means much more competition. In such a scenario it has become a task to qualify for CAT, thus following are some tips which can help you perform better:

Use a strategy to prepare as well as to answer. You need to follow a schedule and cover the topics according to their weightage in the CAT exam. Similarly, while appearing for the exam, answer the questions that hold high marks or that you are sure about, focus on the questions in this descending order.

Focus on error removal. This would help you check the errors in your answer so you can work on them. Mainly includes, spelling mistakes, grammar etc. You can also use the “review button”, this helps the student check the error quotient and know which questions have been attempted, which left out.

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