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Have you ever heard the phrase eye damage due to games among gamers and gamers? Games today are indeed something that is very popular among the people. Even among students, there are almost no students who do not understand or do not play games.

Many students are willing to spend time playing games they like. Even some students have turned games into a source of income to increase their pocket money dominoqq terpercaya . They can participate in tournaments ranging from small to large scale. But did you know that games have a negative impact on the eye health of gamers, namely eye damage due to games?

The eye is a five-sense tool given by God that has infinite value, of course with that understanding we must be able to keep the eyes that are given for free by God.

How can eye damagebecause of playing this game happen? The main cause is due to ultraviolet light that is on smartphones and computers and laptops.

This is what makes vision decrease or can be called minus in the eye. This happens due to someone playing games for a long time which makes the eyes tired so that eventually makes vision decrease.

Eye damagewill get worse if someone plays the game even more than 2 hours at a time. Where the eyes have no time to rest. In this case, it actually happens to many students because students nowadays spend more time playing games on smartphones or computers.

In fact, it’s not only students who experience eye problems because of the game. Among connoisseurs of online gambling such as connoisseurs of poker gambling, domino 99 gambling, baccarat and others who use computers or cellphones, eye damage disorders are also common.

Of course, it is very unfortunate if you are still a very young student, you have to suffer from eye damage due to games. Many students reason that playing games is just to unwind when they are tired all day at school to study.

It is true that there is nothing wrong with relaxing when you are tired of doing all day activities by playing games. But of course playing this game itself must be limited in time, basically playing a good game for your own eyes is no more than 2 hours. This was revealed by several researchers who stated that if the eyes are used longer to play games, the eye damage due to games.

Many students today can play games even more than 5 hours in one day. Worst of all, many students prefer to spend their time playing games rather than studying. They argue that learning only needs to be done at school, even though basically learning is their obligation.


Eye damagewill get worse if you don’t limit your gaming time. Therefore, for those of you who are already experiencing minus eye at this time, reduce playing games to avoid minus eye. For those whose eyes are still good, reduce and stay away from games so that your eyes are awake and avoid minus.

So prevent eye damage due to games starts from now on. Appreciate one of the five senses given by God properly and correctly. Use your eyes for useful things like studying.

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