Balancing Project Management Process With Project Delivery

November 19, 2021 by No Comments

Ok, so I have been reviewing corporate and government processes for managing projects this week, and the first thing that came to my mind is “OH my! There is no way I could get all these steps, documents, gates, checkpoints, etc. accomplished and still manage the project!” In some cases you would need a bevy of administrators just to make sure all the project management stuff got done!

That got me thinking: how much project management do you really need? For all you diehard project management process fanatics, that would translate to “how much project management rigor do you really need to apply to a project in order to successfully deliver the project objectives?”

Don’t get me wrong, project management processes are great (I am a certified project management professional for a reason PMP certification cost . Project management processes provide organization and guidance on the steps to follow during the life of your project, but they can be a roadblock if the process becomes more important than the work being done.

For example, the United States Center for Disease Control has developed a very clear process for determining the amount of project management rigor to apply to their projects, and can be found at their Unified Process [] web site. The CDC bases their determination on risk and complexity of the projects undertaken. The higher the risk and/or complexity, the more rigorous is the adherence to project management processes.

For smaller projects that are clearly understood and are less risky, you can afford to minimize the level of project management documentation, gates, checkpoints to use. But if your project is large, or contains many unknown and risky factors, then using the gates and checkpoints, and clearly documenting the project will help manage the risk and increase the probability of a successful project completion.

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