Best Roulette System in the World – False Claims, Bans and the Alure of a Winning Roulette System

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Roulette remains one of the simplest, and most popular, casino games available. Its appeal dates back to the French parlour houses where it was played first by the moneyed gentry joker123, later by the middle classes and eventually even by the common proletariat. Its appeal is rooted in its ease of play. Simple to understand, yet with layers of added complexity when it comes to using roulette systems and combination bets such as Voisins du zero.

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Ever since roulette started to be widely played, roulette systems have emerged. Some of these have become commonly known even outside betting circles. Perhaps the most common of all, the double-up or d’Alembert method, relies on doubling your bet every time you lose, and resetting to a single chip when you win. In theory the wins will always outweigh the losses, although in reality the system quickly reaches the maximum bet limit of the table, or exhausts the player’s bankroll.

Other roulette systems rely on making changes to the table itself, for example by altering the wheel, palming additional bets, or placing huge chips under smaller ones once a win has been detected. Unlike the d’Alembert method these techniques are strictly illegal and if you are caught you risk eviction, a significant fine or even prison. In addition techniques such as these do not work in online casino where only a mathematics based roulette system can prosper.

A third way to beat the wheel is to use a small hand-held roulette computer. There have been some famous cases, well-publicised in the national press, of people making large winnings using these computers. In effect, the device works by reading the position of the ball, its speed of rotation, and the relative rotation of the wheel itself. Given the speed and the other environmental variables these devices are not exact, but they can give enough of an edge to beat the house odds over time. Unfortunately these devices are also banned by most countries, and are almost impossible to use in a casino without being detected. They will not work in online casinos as the position is predetermined by a RNG (Random Number Generator).

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