Software to Monitor Computer Activity Needs to Be Covert

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Software to monitor computer activity is an excellent tool for keeping watch over whether our children’s goings on online are safe or not, and also a means of keeping a watchful eye on anyone looking to get their creepy hands on our children for bad intentions as well. However, to make such monitoring an effective operation, we need to do it covertly and secretively. Imagine this if you will… your child sees an emblazoned icon that pulsates in the system tray task bar as if to say, “Hello! I’ve got my eye on you!”. They’ll immediately realize they are under surveillance and simply pop over to one of their pal’s houses and prop themselves in front of their computer in order to do anything they please, unsupervised, unprotected and without guidance.

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Because of this, when we use software to monitor computer activity, we need to do it without raising any flags about it all. There shouldn’t be any pulsating icons, and ideally there should be no icons at all . The most effective software tools to do this would perform everything automatically, right from when the computer gets switched on. Keyboard buttons pressed, mouse clicks clicked, websites being frequented as well as online chats undertaken would then all be recorded and logged discretely into hidden files which then get e-mailed to you in secret for your playback viewing.

In order to use software to monitor computer activity, we can’t be obvious about it at all, or it would simply defeat the whole purpose, right? In order to catch someone while performing an act of questionable morals, whether someone is perversely fishing for our child or our 14-year-old has an idea to play roulette in an online casino, we’ll fail miserably at it by making it well known that we’re watching them while we do so. We need to work covertly, and allow for online activity to continue naturally if we wish to protect our children with any amount of success.

In order for computer keyloggers to do their job with any amount of efficiency, they need to be working on their primary mission with the utmost perfection of invisibility and stealth. If you are on a computer for instance, and you notice a software icon on the desktop called something along the lines of “spy software” or whatever, you’re going to know right off that your activities on or offline are going to be under surveillance. How does that make you feel? Are you going to act normally, or would you be super careful about what you do or who you chat with?

This is just what I mean. If you use any computer keyloggers to catch someone in the act of something, say like, if you suspect your partner of straying away and cheating on you with someone online, you’re going to need some sort of undeniable proof to confront the person with, because no amount of mere suspicion will do anything on its own. Cheaters can wiggle out of almost any suspicion, but cold, hard proof is something you can confront someone with which provides no hope for escape.

This scenario is just one of many – apply this same thinking to others, whether you’re an employer looking to catch someone using your time you pay them to be working to instead be playing roulette in an online casino, or if you are suspicious of your child viewing pornography online. Proof is what you need, and any computer keyloggers used need to be able to capture such proof without making it known that such tools are in use. There should be no icons, and everything recorded needs to be filed away secretly on hidden log files, then covertly e-mailed off to your inbox for playback.

Business computer monitoring is something that’s needed today. When you’re running a business, it’s difficult to keep an eye on all of your employees. I’m not saying you’d necessarily need to watch over every employee’s shoulder, but if you have a large number of them, it isn’t as though you can be super-familiar with every last one of them. Often, we might find that the hours you’re paying them to work, they might be spending chatting with friends online, or engaging in a bit of online casino play – this is not what you are paying them to do, is it?

Although it may be rare, you might have an employee who is performing a little embezzling of company funds, or doctoring up accounts in their favor. This is why we need business computer monitoring. With the right software, we can record and play back every site visited, every keystroke struck, and all activities undergone. This is truly the best way to keep an eye on whether or not your workers are really working and not playing internet roulette during the hours you’re paying them to work.

Sadly, there is a definite need for business computer monitoring in this day and age when just about anything – and I do mean anything… can be done online with a computer. Even things done offline can affect business, and as business people, we need to see to it that our company is secure in its undertakings. Client files, financial information, and any number of delicate bits of information need to be regulated, and if you’ve got too many employees to be familiar with, then you need to keep abreast of activities.

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