Calling All Teachers – Praising Your Students the Right Way

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Teachers dream of becoming the best that there is. They want their students to learn in the best way possible. They want to create a bond between them and their students in order to effectively teach them. Teaching kids can be a real risk. There are so many precautions that must be remembered when teaching children. It is not as simple as providing them with knowledge in writing, math, comprehension, etc. Teachers must be able to know how to deal with kids since this stage is still a sensitive stage for them. Their emotional well-being are in the hands of the teacher since the children spend most of their time with the teachers. Kids are still learning a lot from their experiences and you as the teacher, you need to know how to deal with them. At this stage, they often do things in order to gain their identity. They want to know what their strengths and weaknesses are and they need the opinion of other people in order to recognize them. They usually do a lot of thing seeking the approval of their parents. If their parents are happy, they recognize them as achievements, on the other hand, if they do not receive a satisfactory reaction, then it is otherwise.

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Usually, parents inclined to use the “reward system” when kids have achievements. Parents may give rewards such as gifts or appraisals for a job well done. They need to feel that they have done something big that their parents are happy about. As teachers, you need to know how to praise your students properly. Both private and public praising boosts the self- esteem of the children depending on what they want. With this, they will continue to do their best in everything because they will associate feeling good with the achievement that they have. This creates a positive work attitude for them which is good since they will have an inspiration when doing any activity.

There are different ways of praising a child for doing a good job. You may need to use different phrases in order to be effective. They need to know that you appreciate their efforts in what they do. You may either opt for publicly or privately praising the children, recognizing what they have done. These techniques will effectively encourage your students to perform well in class.

Tell them what a great job they have done. They need to know how it feels and what it means to do a good job. They will need to maintain this standard when doing other activities and later on can improve in what they do. Other phrases that you can use are “awesome”, “stupendous”, “amazing work”. These phrases can boost up the self- esteem of the students and will forever remember the good feeling that they have when you praised them.

Tell them that you are proud of them. Besides from their own self, they need to feel that you are also proud of what they have done. The child will take pride in his achievement but will feel better knowing that someone else takes pride in their achievements. Children usually feel their importance when they know that other people are recognizing their achievements.

You can also thank them for being cooperative in the activities that you prepared for them. No matter what they have done, thanking them will give them a sense of being appreciated. Thanking them will help them know that their efforts have met your expectations and that they have pleased you.

Sensitive students may require to be privately praised. There are some students which do not want others to know what they have done. They may be embarrassed when people recognize them for what they have done and just choose to keep them for themselves. Sometimes, this can serve as motivation for shy students who lack in confidence. Things like having a nice handwriting or properly following directions can work to increase their confidence. They may need to hear from other people what things they do best.

Most children go for the public praising. This is a good motivation for other students to do their best in everything that they do. If they are praised publicly, they should feel proud of themselves, if not, they should strive to do their best in order to be praised by other people too. Effective ways of praising children may involve a bulletin board. Put a “best work” corner on the bulletin board to display the work of the children. You can publicly announce the little achievements your students have so they make take pride in these things. Most importantly, thank the class as a whole will not make other students feel embarrassed for not being the best in something. They will feel a sense of importance and belonging in class. Some students do not want to feel that they are never recognized by the teacher so through this, they will feel that they are still part of the class. Another way is to make some activities a contest or a game and the winners can have little treat like medals, stamps or candy. These are effective in making them proud of what they have done. It can be fun sometimes when children receive a little gift from school and shoe them to their parents.

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