Halloween Mask Psychology

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Why do people select certain Halloween masks? There are a number of reasons that go into selecting a Halloween costume. Most people assume that a person selects Halloween Nail Art a particular costume because “he or she likes it”. Well, this assessment is certainly accurate. No one would knowingly purchase a costume that they disliked! Of course, a number of questions are raised as to what is the motivating factor behind the like or dislike of a costume. Often, raising this question in an introspective manner allows one to arrive at the right costume selection.

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Many times, people will purchase Halloween masks or costumes of someone that they would like to emulate. For example, if the person is not athletically inclined the person may wish to select the costume of a famous sports player. This way, for at least one night of the year the person can step into the shoes (literally!) of someone that they admire.

Then, there are those who will select Halloween masks that are an extension of their actual personality. For example, if the person identifies with “lone wolf” characters and rugged individuals, a pirate costume may prove very appealing. This would be an extreme extension of an individual’s inner nature and during the Halloween season such a masquerade would be encouraged.

Now, some folks will use Halloween as a means of reliving their childhood. If a middle aged man loved westerns and superheroes when he was a little kid, slipping into a cowboy or Superman suit on Halloween could become a very interesting and intriguing venture. Memories often make the heart grow fonder and what better way to celebrate one’s childhood memories than stepping back into childhood via cool Halloween masks?

Then, some may simply select their Halloween masks based on popular trends. Now, there will be those who will say this is a decision of convenience and is without any underlying psychological motivation. However, being motivated by popular trends is a psychological motivator in and of itself although we often do not see it that way. For example, sticking with an “accepted” costume idea can allow a person to feel a sense of acceptance among the group one belongs.

Eerily, there will be those who select a Halloween costume because the costume is menacing. This may betray an underlying desire to be a domineering figure or one that demands respect. Whatever the reason, the desire to scare comes with a host of psychological components as well. Similarly, in a lighthearted vein, there will be those who enjoy funny Halloween masks because they wish to “cut lose” and exhibit their inner clown. Best of all, they can do this wearing an actual clown suit! Of course, there are a great variety of humorous and funny Halloween costumes so anyone who wishes to cut lose has a great variety of gimmick costumes to choose from.

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