Massage Therapy Business – Tips To Get More Clients

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There is a simple yet important method to keep in touch with your clients and keep them coming back for more and it’s called “Birthday Cards”. Sending your clients a nice card at the day of their birthday really counts. It’s a gesture that they will definitely remember. What? You don’t have enough time to keep track of all the addresses? You don’t have enough money to spend on cards and stamps? Then send an electronic card (e-card). It’s much easier to collect email addresses and send messages through your email client. If you still feel this is difficult for you then go to a search engine and search for “free e-cards”. There are companies that will send your e-cards for free. Consider offering a discount to your client as a birthday gift.

2. Create a massage website.

This might sound too complicated for you but building a website about massage can pull more clients into your practice than you’ve ever imagined. If you can’t build a website ask for help from someone who knows. You don’t have to hire a professional. Just make sure you add lot of massage related content to your website. There’s plenty on the web. Again, go to a search engine and search for “Massage Newsletters” or “Massage Tips” or “Massage Articles” or “Massage Techniques” anything that includes the word massage and its synonyms. Start gathering your content, take some pictures of your workshop or have someone take a picture of while working. After gathering enough material for the website, build it or ask for help. You can create your own massage newsletter or add a contact form to reach even more potential customers 수원스웨디시 .

3. Go out and meet people.

If you are not a very social person you can skip this tip but you’ll be missing a great opportunity to build your reputation. A lot of well known massage therapists followed a simple formula to strengthen their name and their business. They made speeches about massage in private massage groups or in the public for free. Then they volunteered to offer their services to a few lucky individuals. This is a great way to promote yourself and your business and show people that you actually know what you are doing! Go to a search engine and search for “Massage Groups”. There are plenty of meet-up groups you can join and start networking.

4. Feel your clients.

Fortunately or not there are numerous types of clients for you as a massage therapist. Some of them are easy going, others are difficult to handle. You must develop a method to handle every possible type of client. This will be your protocol. For example you should inform your clients about your tipping policy. Do you accept tips? Don’t expect them to know if they should tip you or not. Inform them the first time they visit you. Is the customer allowed to talk to you during the massage? Is your client allowed to keep their underwear on during the massage? Let them know about your massage protocol. Also ask your clients if they feel comfortable or relaxed, if the workshop is too hot or too cold, if they like some music playing on the background etc. Before you start working on your clients or after you’re done, take some time to talk to them see if they have any questions related to massage or your services.

5. Take care of yourself

Your outer appearance plays a significant part in the success of your massage business. For example, your breath. Make sure your breath is fresh before talking or working on a client. Bad breath can make your clients feel very uncomfortable. You can brush your teeth often or use a mint. Works wonders! Also, keep your toes manicured. Remember, your clients look down when you massage them. Don’t wear open-toed shoes or take very good care of your toes otherwise you’ll turn your clients off. Same rules apply for your fingers. Last but not least, wear proper clothes according to your style whether you want to look serious or sexy or whatever. But be consistent.

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