Adding Security With A Touch Of Class

August 30, 2021 by No Comments

When it comes to adding extra security to protect your car then what springs to mind first? A car alarm, or possibly CCTV to keep an eye on it at night, or possibly extra locks to fit on your garage? Well whilst all of these are good security measures in their own right have you ever considered fitting some electric gates to your driveway?

You may not have thought of fitting them to your own property before, however the chances are you have probably driven past some on the way to work today Bollards for driveway .

Electric gates are becoming increasingly popular to fit for a number of reasons. Firstly they are now cheaper than ever to fit and came electric gates are offered in a wide range of styles and widths to fit a wide range of applications, both domestic and commercial, meaning you should easily find a kit for your driveway.

Secondly they add a layer of security to your driveway without the need for fiddly and unsightly security bollards, and they can do so without being obvious, unlike razor wire. Indeed a nice set of wrought iron gates will add a touch of class to any property and add a great deal of security at the same time, if they are operated by an electric gate control system.

The beauty is that once an electric gate kit has been fitted then the gates are locked shut when you want them to be. No opportunist thief can walk by and open them. Without the gate remote control to open them they will stay securely fastened. This means they can be used to prevent unauthorised access to your driveway and car at any time of day or night. So they are particularly useful in a city centre or suburban areas.

Also there is the convenience factor to consider as they can operate gates in the upper range of 4-7 metres. If you have large gates of this width then by fitting an electric gate automation kit you will quite literally take all the backbreaking work out of opening and closing the gates. One touch of a button and all of the hard work is done for you.

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