Home Laser Hair Removal Effectiveness – Fact or Fiction?

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The removal of unwanted hair can be a messy, time-consuming, and uncomfortable procedure; and the most common ones–shaving, depilatories, or waxing–are only temporarily effective. Shaved hair will grow back quickly, and will often be thicker when it reappears.

Waxing will keep the unwanted hair at bay for up to two months; but because it rips the hair out from the roots, can be extremely painful. Waxing requires that you apply a layer of hot wax on the area from which you want to remove the hair, then place a cloth or specially treated strip on the surface of the wax, and then quickly pull the cloth or strip off in the opposite direction from the one in which the hair grows, like tearing off a Babd-Aid laser hair removal .

Cream or lotion hair removal depilatories will “dissolve” the unwanted hair when you apply them to your skin and leave them on for the specified period. But they usually have an unpleasant smell, and chemicals which can damage your skin if you leave them on too long. You should try a amall amunt of depilatory in advance of a full treatment, to see if you develop an allergic reaction.

Bringing Laser Hair Removal Home

Professional hair removal clinics offer more expensive options, including laser hair removal or electrolysis. And many people prefer that their hair removal be done in the privacy of their own homes. To cater to them, do-it-yourself home laser hair removal equipment is now available. Is home laser hair removal safe and effective, and is it right for you?

Home laser hair removal is done with a smaller version of the portable lasers used in hair removal clinics. These portable machines apply pulses of laser energy to unwanted hair follicles and stop them from growing hair. The small size of the home laser limits it to aiming one laser pulse at an individual hair follicle, so the procedure is a lengthy one.

Home laser hair removal effectiveness depends on the user’s knowing how to set the correct level of the laser pulse; there have been instances of scarring cause when a home laser user kept reapplying the laser to the same part of the skin. The chance of scarring has caused lots of people to question the legitimacy of claims of home laser removal effectiveness.

One such claim guarantees that that a specific portable laser will provide one hundred percent home laser hair removal effectiveness for all colors of hair. But this claim does not hold up under scrutiny. Why?

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