A Smart Golf Caddy For Your Smart Phone?

June 17, 2021 by No Comments

The time has arrived for the 21st Century golfer who wants sophisticated training capabilities in the palm of his or her hand! Apple has undoubtedly started something special with these devices. And now anyone who has a Smart iPhone also has access to a smart golf caddy right in their pocket!

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Did you ever imagine that you could have a gadget in your back pocket that could actually tell you what club to hit? And know what club to hit according to the wind direction and weather conditions? The latest technology is proving to do just that. The unique combination of GPS, compass, aerial maps and current local weather station feedback, along with sophisticated ball flight prediction technology makes this all possible now Realme X7 Max 5G.

Finally there is a device that trains a golfer to hit closer to the pin, because it understands exactly how wind, temperature, and course elevation will impact ANY golf shot. The smart caddy app is customized specifically to the player by incorporating his personal ball launch metrics (more on this later) into the smart caddy app.

The latest iPhone technology is also an accurate golf GPS range finder and has a course locater to find your favorite golf course, anywhere in the world! One interesting feature is a flexible distance finder that will measure the distance to any sand trap, water hazard or out of bounds location you are interested in staying out of! Using it, you will instantly know how far you need to hit the ball, detect how the wind and temperature will affect the shot, and where to aim to adjust for the wind!

Another important piece of information I recently learned is that getting your ball launch metrics can turn your golf game around. It turns out that a golfer’s ball flight is determined by just four initial variables at impact: the vertical and horizontal launch angle at which the ball takes off, the ball speed, and the ball’s spin axis. After just one professional fitting session with a club fitter who uses a Flightscope™ or Trackman™ 3-D radar Doppler launch monitor, you can populate the smart caddy app with the necessary launch metrics to accurately predict ball flight. Once loaded into the app, you will know exactly how far you hit each club under any weather conditions…at every golf course worldwide! You can even change wind direction and temperature hypothetically to assess a golf shot under different conditions, or play a virtual round of golf on your local course from home! This amazing app is the ultimate training tool for club selection.

So with the proper software enabled in your smart phone, getting these personal ball launch metrics can make all the difference in your game. Then you can know WHAT CLUB to hit under ANY weather and course elevation differences. Let’s be honest. It can take years of play to master club selection. But this latest iPhone app allows you to master it in seconds. It sounds like the smartest caddy I’ll ever know. Why not optimize my game in as many ways as possible?

I have heard the objection that these hand held devices cannot be used in tournaments so they have little benefit. But wait! That’s not a valid statement. There are many training devices that are not legal (or desirable) for play that are still beneficial for training. This type of training covers many different sports. Think weighted bats in baseball, ropes and belts in gymnastics, weight training, cross-training, video training, carrying more than 14 clubs in golf in a practice round. Video training is the best analogy. Would golfers stop videotaping their swings in practice just because it’s illegal on the course?

Never before has there been a device that could train a golfer for how a golf shot would be affected by the wind, temperature, and his own personal launch metrics. The latest smart phone technology does all this and does it accurately. This training device will become a necessary training aid for golfers in the future. Who wouldn’t want a smart caddy like that!

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