Hard Money Loan Options For Individuals And Developers

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Thomas Rothstein of the Alternative Funding Group once again has released his top-ranked list of the best Hard Money Lending Institutions for real estate properties. With his previous “Best Values in Real Estate Franchises” report, he had all the criteria in order for his survey of institutions. This time, with a slightly different set of questions, he hopes to give prospective entrepreneurs an even greater range to choose from. So, as always, his list is as follows:

Small business funding options that don't dilute ownership | Brex

A great choice for a funding group would be a real estate investment fund. This can provide a steady source of additional capital for short and long term needs. You simply need to show proof that your target market is increasing and that you will be able to earn a return on your investment. Also, the rules for qualifying are simple – you just need to own the property for at least three years Alternative Funding Group.

The Alternative Capital Group, which is funded by investor groups, is another smart choice for a hard money funding group. Like the Alternative Funding Group, they have specific requirements for their member funds. They have to be large enough to cover any risk involved with your investment, and they must have a minimum of five million dollars in assets.

One of the more active alternative funding groups is the Real Estate Capital Markets, or RECP. This fund was one of the founding members of the FAN, and they continue to thrive under the leadership of Bruce Kovner. Like the Alternative Funding Group, they have a minimum of five million dollars in assets. They also have a lengthy application process, and their fund manager, Robert Macpherson, has quite a bit of experience in dealing in hard money loans for real estate properties.

When looking for a hard money funding group, keep in mind that there are a lot of these types of groups out there. As mentioned above, the Alternative Funding Group is just one of many. However, if you are working with a real estate developer that needs some fast money for an acquisition, you might want to work with them first. They will have the capital to lend and will be able to recommend an appropriate group for your situation. On the other hand, if you were working with an individual or couple who is looking to invest in a piece of commercial real estate, working with an experienced finance group that specializes in these kinds of loans would be a great idea.

These days it is very common for investors to be looking for private funding groups to help complete acquisition deals. These are difficult times for everyone, and the banks are certainly feeling the heat. If you are a private investor who is looking to put up a hard money loan on property, you should look into an alternative funding source immediately. There are plenty of these groups available today.

The Alternative Capital Association is a prime example of this type of group. This organization was designed as a bridge between private funding sources and those who wish to use their money in a more responsible way. They are in the business of providing a source of capital for entrepreneurs, start ups, investment groups, and others who might need a little extra cash to make it through a tough time. They do this by screening all of the money that comes into their association so only the most reliable sources of capital are being used by their members.

The Alternative Funding Group is another great example of a good group that specializes in hard money financing. Like the Alternative Funding Association, this group works with both entrepreneurs and developers. They simply specialize in hard money for private investors. This means that they have a very thorough understanding of what they are doing, and what is possible. They are also highly organized and have detailed guidelines as to what they expect from their members. They provide a friendly, yet professional demeanor whenever you contact them about any questions you may have about their services.

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