The Ultimate 3D Cover Software Now Available For iPhone and iPad

May 29, 2021 by No Comments

A spanking new software is now available for iPhone and iPad. This software is obtainable in the App Store for Apple iPhone and Apple iPad. This eCover Go Cover Software allows artists, musicians, marketers, product developers, designers and authors to turn any 2D photo or image or graphic into professional looking 3D graphics. Without doubt this software is worthy of using.

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You can pick any one from over 200 3D cover graphics which includes eBook Cover, DVD Cases, Spiral Binder, Files, Finders, Compact Discs, Software Boxes, Gift Boxes and lots more. A number of of them have Reflections, too. This app is from top to bottom universal. This app is fully similar in temperament with iPad. In addition, of course you can turn any picture, image or graphic into 3D. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

You can create as many graphics as you want with no trouble. The final size of the rendered 3D cover graphics is something like 600×800 pixel. At this time there are roughly 200 special cover shapes from where you can choose your one according to your choice. And don’t be disappointed- it’s just the beginning thu mua tai nghe airpods cu, there are many more to see. New ones will be added soon so that you can have them.

And there are also other 3D cover software which can be used on your desktop. Now you are able to design 3D eCover Graphics, Graphical Signature, Checkmarks, Bullets, Arrows, Guarantee Seals and Badges, Minisite Graphics, Graphical Optin-Forms, Order and Subscription Buttons and much more with the eCover-Go Online Generator. Yes, it’s completely unique and it’s really remarkable. You will get all the modern features if you use the software. The eCover Go Online sCover Generator has in excess of 200 types of eCovers on it’s own.

And not only that-it has a great variation between all these covers. Absolutely they are all different, they are not the same. It’s not the end-you can design you own graphics by using Online Image Editor. Then you can render 3D cover graphics. You can design you own eBooks and you can also publish them. It will be a great fun to design banner graphics-don’t you agree? There is also a bonus download area. You do not need to have Photoshop or any other Graphic Design Software to use this Cover Generator. Just use the Online Image Editor to create your own personal graphics. It is really uncomplicated to use.

Even you do not need to have any previous experience of using a graphic design software in the past. The Online Image Editor has a lot of features like canvas, tools, shapes, text, effects, image effects, large selection of fonts, clipart and shape library, colour schemer. And yet if you are facing any trouble with the Online Image Editor-you can take help from the manual and a learning video within the member area.

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